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Online Auto Leasing and Purchasing

Online Auto Leasing

Online auto leasing – I’ve been in the luxury automobile business for over 20 years. Over the last 5 years, my customer’s expectations had changed. They did not want to spend excessive time getting their new vehicle, so I accommodated them with an online auto leasing option. We completed paperwork electronically, or I went to them. I negotiated deals with out of state dealership to get the exact car, color and upgrades that my customer wanted. I delivered their new car to them or had the car shipped to them.


In 2014, Accenture Consulting surveyed 10,000 people in the USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Japan, India and China regarding their online experiences with auto research and buying.  Seventy-five percent of people said that “if the opportunity were available, they would consider purchasing or leasing a vehicle online, including financing, price negotiating, paperwork and delivery.” Sixty-nine percent said they have either bought a car online or would consider doing so.


Many people, who has gone through the experience of buying or leasing a auto from a dealership, understand why online purchasing or leasing may be a better option. Buying or leasing a auto from a dealership is an extremely long process, averaging four hours, the sales people use high-pressure tactics and you’re really not sure if you’re getting the best advice. Buying or leasing online allows the customer the opportunity to experience a much simpler process, in the comfort of their home, on their time and terms. And the customer gets exactly what they want, not what available on a car lot. Several published articles state “Better pricing is offering through online car purchases or leases”. In my experience, I believe this to be true. 


We all use Amazon and other online shopping sites. There is very little that cannot be purchased online. Online auto purchases and leases will soon be the preferred method of acquiring a new car. I’ll research and report on updated statistics in a year. I am certain the research will show significant growth in the number of people making their new auto purchases and leases online. Until then, shop hassle free, shop easy at Eminent Auto Leasing!!


October 2016

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